Sebastian Jiménez and Joana Gomes – Zurich tango space

Sebastian Jimenez is one of the most renowned dancers of the Tango Salon around the world today. In 2010 Sebastian became the youngest winner of the World Tango Championship and the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship in the category Tango Valse. Since then he has been traveling around the World, performing and teaching at the most popular and prestigious tango festivals and schools.

Joana Gomes has a PhD in Arts. Before becoming a professional tango dancer, she dedicated her time to research and teaching university students. She learned to dance with the most renowned teachers of Buenos Aires.

Sebastian and Joana began performing and teaching together in July 2016. Since then they have been capturing their audiences with the elegance and depth of their dance, transmitting real emotions in each performance. Their classes are receiving special appreciation from the students, since they are developing new concepts and strategies for teaching, that have been improving the students ability to learn.