Tango Salon Workshops  – Zurich tango space

Tango Salon Workshops  
with Sebastian Jimenez and Joana Gomes

Saturday, February 22
14.00-15.30 Different techniques for pivot and dissociation
16.00-17.30 Different types of barridas for tango sequences

Sunday, February 23
14.00-15.30 Turn like Sebastian & Joana:
technical elements for stability and connection
16.00-17.30 Elements to create tango valse sequences

Private Lessons
Very limited time slots available on February 21st, 22nd, 23rd.

1 workshop: 45 CHF per person
4 workshops: 160 CHF per person
4 workshops with registration and payment before 1.02.2020: 150 CHF

Galactic Dance Club
Albulastrasse 47, Zurich
Free parking in the garage