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Tango Salon World Champion Maria Ines Bogado in Zurich


Maria Ines Bogado is the Tango Salon World Champion 2010 and one of the most successful and charismatic young tango dancers in the world today.
Maria Ines is famous for her Followers Technique program as well as for her work with couples all around Europe, Asia and the US.
Zurich Tango Space is happy to welcome Maria Ines, who will present 4 workshops: a followers technique seminar and a couples seminar.

Saturday, November 3rd

Followers technique seminar:
Posture and alignment

Changes of dynamic in a couple in open and close embrace

Sunday, November 4th

Followers technique seminar:
Disassociation and pivot

Technique of Giros in a couple

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This Tango Technique course is developed with an active participation of Yanina Quinones and Neri Piliu, the tango dancers of exceptional skill and beauty

Starting date: September 7th 2018
Time: Fridays 20.00-21.30
Place: Galactic Dance, Albulastrasse 47, Zurich
Price: 25 CHF individual class, 200 CHF a package of 10 classes
Registration by e-mail: khriplovich@yahoo.com

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Musical Partners
Inna Khriplovich and Felipe Slimobich formed a tango duo, debuted at the Festivalito Primavera in Zurich and performed in Italy in May 2018

Felipe Slimobich is an Argentinian composer, pianist and tango dancer. During the last twenty years, he performed in festivals and taught to dance tango, piano and music theory, creative writing and taekwondo all around Europe, Russia and the United States.

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